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About Us

About Us

As truly stated “Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world”-Marilyn Monroe, the feeling of freedom, a girl gets with the right kind of footwear can be well defined with our collection.

As a leather export oriented company since 1988 we often got a chance to travel around the globe and observe global trends. Being a footwear lover we often used to buy leather footwear at quiet high prices when it just struck us, “why not serve the Indian women similar kind of footwear at cheaper prices.” This led us to start our new venture MY MY in 2016.

Every footwear that we create benefits from the knowledge & skill gained over design and craftsmanship. Looking ahead we are continuing to build MY MY to be recognized all over the world for its leather products and creativity in creating them with the perfect fit.

Our team believes in looking for new materials to be developed and available in the market to evolve designs which have a combination of comfort & elegance. There’s more to MY MY than that meets the eye. What you don’t see is the comfort technology that goes into each footwear. The soft insoles, supportive construction and easy-flexing soles provide comfort in footwear that you’ll never want to take off. No matter what you’re looking for, MY MY offers leather styled footwear at the great prices that make fashion affordable. So go ahead, pick up a pair!!