How comfortable and trendy flats are bringing fashion back in 2021?

What you wear, especially your shoes reveals a lot about your personality. You wouldn’t want to judge a book by its cover but sizing up a person by the shoes they wear may at times just work perfectly in your favor. With the onset of spring/summer, it’s time you revamp your closet and choose flats as they are making a comeback this season and we’re all geared up and right behind them. Footwear styles that are a perfect combination of style, comfort, and versatility are the real deal for the forthcoming season. Have a glance at the top 5 reasons why flats are bringing fashion back in 2021.

Reasons why flat sandals & shoes are best for women

  • Comfortable

    As a matter of fact, the best part about flat shoes is that they are very comfortable and hence you can opt to wear them all day long. And for the record, the list could just end here as to why flats are going to be one of the most preferred footwear styles in the upcoming season.

  • Practical

    And, of course, along with comfort being practical is the key, which implies that no more Band-Aids to be stuffed in your bag before heading out or no more pinched toes after walking too many steps, and also the best of all wave goodbye to aching arches the following morning.

    In addition to that even if you happen to be a working woman and have a lot of activities to perform throughout the day like moving from one place to another in the office, playing with your kid, running household errands, or indulging in a sport, flats will always be there by your side and will allow you to perform any of the above activities with much more ease and comfort.

  • Super Chic & Stylish

    Flat footwear styles undoubtedly scream delicate sassiness and are one of the safest footwear styles that can be worn with confidence anywhere you go and are indeed a mark of a person who is all about making style statements while being chic, stylish, and at the same time practical in approach.

    Nurture the basics as you choose to wear flat footwear styles for utility and comfort while you ace the look wherever you go be it a party, office, casual wear, or anything. Showcase the trendy vibe of a glam diva but with a tad bit of relaxed undertone as you pick flats from our Summer Slush Collection featuring our bestsellers Silver Loop and Reef Crush. Both styles an absolute blend of style, class, and comfort.

  • You can walk, run and dance in them

    The tide has now incredibly turned well, as the humble commuter i.e. the flats are now going to be everyone’s go-to shoe for every time they head out of the house to go anywhere from sightseeing, to office, stroll at the supermarket, or for catching up with friends and everything in between. Get ready to flaunt your flats in the upcoming season.

  • Say bye, bye to back problems and bruises

    Forget about all the back problems and unwanted bruises this season with flats making a magnanimous comeback this 2021. Wearing flats allows you to avoid making any sort of modifications to your usual walking pattern by helping you keep your foot problems at bay.

So if you happen to be amongst those suffering from footwear-specific "I have nothing to wear" syndrome, our Silver Loop and Reef Crush footwear styles from the Summer Slush Collection are the answers to all your problems that come your way. Put your best foot forward with a fashionable take that's both stylish and comfortable while neglecting to settle for the thin sole, unappealing footwears, and ones that cause a lot of uneasiness.

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